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Our team of financial professionals are here to help you reach your financial goals.  But we are more than financial advisors - we are neighbors, friends, colleagues and professionals with decades of experience who take the time to get to know you and your needs.  We value long-term relationships and build them with trust and transparency. We are committed to provide the highest standards of conduct, competency and ethics.  

John A. Brinkerhoff, MS, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®, AEP®

Principal / Managing Partner



John brings over 25 years of experience as a financial advisor to his role, not only advising individuals and small businesses but also leading and educating in personal finance, risk management, and comprehensive financial planning. He specializes in tax-diversified and efficient asset location strategies for those seeking control over their tax situations and excels in reducing tax impacts for clients with substantial assets. His expertise also extends to comprehensive risk management and estate planning.

From an early age, John was instilled with the values of financial literacy, resilience, and courage, lessons that resonate with the wise builder from Matthew 7 who founded his house upon solid rock. The sudden loss of his grandfather in 1959 left an indelible mark, with his grandmother, at 37, unexpectedly taking on the mantle of single motherhood, raising three daughters through significant hardship yet with enduring love—a story of resilience that profoundly shaped John.

This legacy, coupled with the early loss of a close friend and the more recent passing of a brother-in-law to cancer, deepened John’s understanding of the emotional and financial strains on those left behind. These experiences have driven him to dedicate a significant portion of his practice to helping others in similar situations by crafting secure and comprehensive financial plans. John prioritizes establishing a robust financial defense, ensuring that all subsequent growth is built upon a solid and enduring risk managed foundation.

John's commitment to financial education has been evident throughout his career. He has taught at The University of Utah, breaking down complex financial concepts for his students and clients, guiding them safely through the rough financial seas and into the harbor with expertise honed over years of dedicated practice.

His credentials are extensive: a Master of Science in Financial Services from The American College of Financial Services, a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University, and several prestigious designations including Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Financial Consultant™, Retirement Income Certified Professional™, and Accredited Estate Planner™. He also holds an executive education certificate in Retirement Income Planning from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

As the Managing Partner at HERDT BRINKERHOFF, John continues to lead his firm to success. His career has also included roles at notable institutions such as The University of Utah, The Horace Mann Companies, The Cambridge Financial Center, AXA EQUITABLE, and The Allstate Corporation with members of the AEGON Group.

Outside of his professional life, John is actively involved in volunteer work with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and within his community. He cherishes his family life with his wife, Wendy, and their three children, Taylor, McKay, and Emma, in Syracuse, Utah, where they share a life filled with joy, love, and light.

Douglas J. Herdt (Retired)

Founding Partner (Retired)

Doug is currently unregistered and is retired but we continue to honor him here as our founding partner.


Dallas Hamblin

Registered Representative

(801) 820-6689

(801) 820-6227

For the past 15 years Dallas has spent time and focus honing his skills in the risk management arena (specifically property and casualty) with several organizations where he has developed a keen understanding of the world of asset protection with the proper use of home owner's policies, automobile insurance policies and extended liability policies commonly referred to as an umbrella policies.  A couple of years into his career, Dallas expanded his service offerings into the life insurance and securities arenas allowing him to serve client needs in additional protection, retirement, investment and estate objectives.  Since joining HERDT BRINKERHOFF in 2017, Dallas is both a Registered Representative with the broker/dealer- Centaurus Financial, Inc. and he serves as Director of Risk Management Operations with HB RISK MANAGEMENT. 

Wendy Brinkerhoff

Client Relations Specialist / Executive Assistant



Wendy serves as the first contact for clients of the practice on a daily basis and is critical behind the scenes as the administrative officer of the practice.  The wheels just don't turn without her appreciated and most capable efforts across the organization.  She knows and cares for our clients individually- interacting with them regularly and supports John's efforts capably to help him meet their needs optimally.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University and lives in Syracuse, Utah with John and their three children.


J. A. Taylor Brinkerhoff, FPQP®

Resident Paraplanner, Risk Management Analyst



Meet Taylor, our dedicated paraplanner and risk management analyst at HERDT BRINKERHOFF. Taylor plays a crucial role in the backbone of our financial planning process, dedicating his time and expertise to the vital areas of financial plan construction and detailed analysis. His work involves utilizing our interactive, client-centric financial planning platform to electronically build and model clients' financial plans. By simulating various financial scenarios and recommendations, he provides refined analyses essential for making informed decisions.

In addition to his responsibilities at our firm, Taylor is in the final year of his Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University. His academic pursuits and his role at HERDT BRINKERHOFF complement each other, providing him with practical experience as he considers his future career paths. While Taylor is still weighing his options for graduate school, his interest in comprehensive financial planning continues to grow. His potential and skill in the field are evident, suggesting a promising future should he choose to continue in this profession.

At HERDT BRINKERHOFF, we value the opportunity to work with exceptional individuals like Taylor, who not only contribute to our mission but also grow alongside us. As he navigates his options, Taylor remains open to various possibilities, gaining invaluable experience and contributing significantly to our team and the exceptional clients we serve.