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HB Risk Management (Independent Property & Casualty)

As a CFP® first, I help my clients protect the accumulation and the distribution of their assets in the context of their financial plans. Working together, on the same side of the table, with the added advantage of an independent perspective, together we can ensure that appropriate liability and extended liability limits are maintained on otherwise standard home owner’s and automobile insurance policies. These limits and other important endorsements are critical and are often overlooked aspects of the financial planning process.

Think about it: During the course of our daily living there are literally unlimited ways that we can create unexpected and devastating amounts of financial liability in our everyday lives. Making sure that assets are properly protected from the potential claims of creditors via unexpected claims and lawsuits is a top priority at our firm as our clients work diligently to plan for their future.

We represent many top providers independently and invite you to visit the landing page for our in-house entity HB RISK MANAGEMENT: