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Retirement Income Planning

We seek to answer, with a reasonable degree of certainty, the questions surrounding whether you'll succeed financially in retirement.

We have extensive experience (40+ years) with the Federal Employee Retirement systems (CSRS and FERS) , the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and (URS on the State level). We employ a unique Retirement Income Analysis tool that matches retirement expendatures (adjusted for inflation) with varied sources of retirement income to determine whether your assets and income will outlast you or whether you should work a bit longer and continue to prepare for that next, exciting and rewarding stage of life. The overarching questions you may have will likely include ones like:

We know these are not easy questions but we're well equipped to help you with whichever ones are keeping you up at night.

  • Am I or are we prepared financially to retire?
  • What am I/are we going to retire to?
  • When should I/we take social security?
  • How will my/our employer's benefit package coordinate with my/our additional needs in retirement?
  • Will my/our income rise during retirement to keep up with inflation (the rising cost of goods and services)?
  • How should the sources of income be structured to best help me/us achieve my/our goals?
  • How will taxes impact my/our retirement income and how can I/we retire tax efficiently?
  • What about the rising cost of medical care?
  • Which Medicare options are right for me?
  • Are there any practical, potentially affordable solutions to the long-term care problem?
  • What other specific goals beyond my retirement date that I/we need to take steps to make happen?
  • What retirement and estate planning blindspots should I be asking about but may not know to identify?