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J. A. Taylor Brinkerhoff, FPQP®

J. A. Taylor Brinkerhoff, FPQP®

Resident Paraplanner, Risk Management Analyst

Meet Taylor, our dedicated paraplanner and risk management analyst at HERDT BRINKERHOFF. Taylor plays a crucial role in the backbone of our financial planning process, dedicating his time and expertise to the vital areas of financial plan construction and detailed analysis. His work involves utilizing our interactive, client-centric financial planning platform to electronically build and model clients' financial plans. By simulating various financial scenarios and recommendations, he provides refined analyses essential for making informed decisions.

In addition to his responsibilities at our firm, Taylor is in the final year of his Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University. His academic pursuits and his role at HERDT BRINKERHOFF complement each other, providing him with practical experience as he considers his future career paths. While Taylor is still weighing his options for graduate school, his interest in comprehensive financial planning continues to grow. His potential and skill in the field are evident, suggesting a promising future should he choose to continue in this profession.

At HERDT BRINKERHOFF, we value the opportunity to work with exceptional individuals like Taylor, who not only contribute to our mission but also grow alongside us. As he navigates his options, Taylor remains open to various possibilities, gaining invaluable experience and contributing significantly to our team and the exceptional clients we serve.